“Adele is an artist practitioner of considerable artistic ability, reputation, and commitment.  I know her best for the 3 - month residency she undertook at Naturalia in Seville, spain in 2012.  This was part of beam’s ‘Orange & Green’ professional mobility programme 2011-2013 supported through European Leonardo di Vinci funding.  This was to provide a range of built environment professionals, including artists, with opportunities to work abroad.  I personally attended the presentation given by Adele at the end of her residency to senior staff and stakeholders at Naturalia, and, along with them was impressed by the thoroughness, creativity, and professionalism.  Hers was one of the most successful exchanges created during ‘Orange and Green’, and help to inspire our current funded programme ‘Arts Across borders.”    

Robert Powell, Poet, Founder of Wakefield Lit Fest, former Director of Beam (Wakefield).