11th April 2017 - Comments Off on New Birth Centre for Hull

New Birth Centre for Hull

Proud to have designed the interior and artwork for this new important healthcare facility for women


1st April 2017 - Comments Off on Mademoiselle Rrose Selavy

Mademoiselle Rrose Selavy

Fountain 17 opened today in #2017Hull including a selection of artists exhibiting new work at my gallery and workshop @StudioElevenhumberst. Including jewellery designer @MCD_Artist Mike Chavez Dawson, and acclaimed artist John Davies http://www.tate.org.uk/art/artists/john-davies-980

Fountain 17 is a celebration of the dual anniversaries of Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain (100 years) and Armitage Shanks (200 years) in 2017 when Hull is the City of Culture @Fountain17


16th February 2017 - Comments Off on My digital paintings and interior for the new Birth Centre, HEY NHS, goes into production

My digital paintings and interior for the new Birth Centre, HEY NHS, goes into production

I have been working closely with the HEY NHS to design new artwork and the interior of the new Birth Centre (Midwifery Led Unit) at Hull Royal Infirmary.  The brief was to design a non-institutional 'hotel like' environment to support Mums.  With birthing pools and en-suites, the aim for the Birth Centre is to offer a comfortable and straight forward labour. 

15th February 2017 - Comments Off on Hornsea Art Trail

Hornsea Art Trail

Nice mention in @CeramicReview this month! Loving this commission and  busy working towards the detailed designed stage. Looking forward to taking the designs into public realm materials. #clay #ceramics #HornseaPottery @ace_national @heritagelottery @CraftsCouncilUK

29th November 2016 - Comments Off on – New photos by Graeme Oxby

– New photos by Graeme Oxby

New photos have arrived of the installation 'That which we cannot see...'

Commissioned by Alchemy for The Haunting festival and exhibited at the Leeds Commercial Library, Adele responded to the ghost story entitled The Pomegranate Seed by Edith Wharton.

In the story there is a growing presence that cannot be identified.   A happy new wife soon becomes worried by the darkening presence that she cannot see or confront.  Her tension grows as the chilling presence leaves clues in a imagined dark house. The title takes homage from the Greek Myth where Hades, God of the Underworld, kidnaps Persephone and takes her to the underworld to be his wife. Despite her father's attempts (Zeus) at rescue, Persephone consumes the pomegranate seeds, which seal her fate.  The ceramics reference the pomegranate pollen grain invisible to the naked eye as a metaphor for the ghostly presence.

21st November 2016 - Comments Off on – Alchemy Launch Digital Spirits

– Alchemy Launch Digital Spirits

We are delighted to invite you to visit Digital Spirits for an online experience of The Haunting: Ghosts of Every Shade.

This includes Simon Armitage reading his unsettling new ghost story Eleven Elms commissioned for The Haunting; Imtiaz Dharker reading A Haunting, a series of deeply moving poems also specially written for this project; animation by Jack Lockhart; spoken word and poetry performances by Rommi Smith, John Siddique and Joe Williams; mesmerising soundscapes by Jonnie Khan; artists, including Adele Howitt, reflecting on their work; online exhibitions of Imtiaz Dharker’s powerful black and white drawings exploring themes of displacement, terror, religious strife, grief and loss and Steve Manthorp’s curious small sculpture such as The Incubus, Adders and Ladders, Bell Book and Candle, The Albigension Hersey and the unforgettable The Haunted Doll’s House inspired by the M.R. James ghost story of the same name.


We hope you enjoy this box of ghostly delights.


Very best wishes


Nima Poovaya-Smith

Director, Alchemy