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4th September 2017 - No Comments!

Mademoiselle Rrose Selavy travels to the British Ceramics Biennial

As part of Fountain 17, the unconventional urinal arrives at the
Gladstone Pottery Museum

British Ceramics Biennial

Tuesdays – Saturdays, Wednesday 6 September - Saturday 28 October

Celebrating Coincidence:

1817 Armitage Shanks

1917 Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain

2017 Fountain 17

Celebrating the anniversaries of Armitage Shanks and Duchamp’s controversial artwork, Fountain 17 is an exhibition created in partnership with Hull, UK City of Culture 2017.  Following on from her expertise in setting up an art and industry partnership with Ideal Standard UK, Adele was one of the advisors who consulted on the development of the #Fountain 17.  The show launched at Studio Eleven Gallery alongside the celebration on Humber Street in the Cultural Quarter during @Hull2017.